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Understanding and Comparing Interpretation and its Application



When it comes to translation and interpretation, there has always been some confusion as to what these terms refer to. Most people tend to mix up their meaning, both in terms of context as well as usage. There is the similarity these terms share in meaning, where they involve capturing the meaning portrayed by one language and passing it across to another language while still retaining that meaning. This way, two parties who do not share a common language shall communicate.


Interpretation in most instances is spoken. It may not be an exact word for the exact word, but the message comes across clearly. This is how real-time communication between the two parties that do not share a common language can happen. An example is such as during a conference, where you will see several attendants with earpieces receiving interpretations of what the speaker using a foreign language is saying. Another common place where it is used is in the medical field, where a doctor needs to get a clear understanding of what their patient, who they do not share a common language, is trying to say about their ailment. A powerful tool to enable this is Video Remote Interpretation (VRI).


Translation, on the other hand, is usually written. There shall be the capturing of the message being passed across in one language, which is then written in another language. Boostlingo translator shall be given a document in the original language containing the body of the message to be passed across, which they shall then work on to produce in the target language. The best translators understand the nuances of the target language. Those shall help them deliver the meaning intended, in the most natural way to the recipients. They shall gather ant reference material they need to see to it that there is no confusion as to what was meant.


It is clear that while both areas deal with the passing of the message across different languages at, there are differences in how each tackles the issue. Interpretation shall be in real time and spoken, while translation shall be in a delayed or reported manner and written. There are specific areas where each applies.


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